Southwell Workhouse

Vist to Southwell Workhouse (National Trust)

Southwell Workhouse from the outside

Visited the workhouse in Southwell, Nottinghamshire.  A fantastic destination and it brings the history of the place to life so well… My ancestors did not stay here but they were admitted to the workhouse in New Shoreham in Kent.

Highly recommended!

Inside the Southwell Workhouse

Also see this website for more information and history of workhouses: The Workhouse



Very exciting!

Have found a facsimile of the list of officers and crew on board the Zebrina on Sunday April 3rd 1881.

It appears to have been written by my ancestor, Lewis Poate, Master.

  • Lewis Poate – Master – Brighton, Sussex
  • Thomas Stamford – Mate – Chatham, Kent
  • Henry Hunt – AB – Ashford, Kent
  • Abraham Baker – AB – Reading St, Kent
  • John Epps – AB – Chatham, Kent
  • William Cook – AB – Reading St, Kent

Location, Location

If only my ancestors were local…

Actually it is the other way around I think!

It is difficult to do research when the people and places are at the other end of the country.  Although it would be more of a challenge if they were at the other side of the world.  hmm…

Organising documents

What a huge task!

I had no idea when I started how many copies and printouts I would accumulate… Also how to categorise them so that it is clear whether I have a transcript of a record or an actual copy of a record.

Also whether I have verified it from an original document…

I need a system!


Ancestors who have the same names are confusing!

It takes longer to check whether I have records for Lewis Poate (senior) or Lewis Poate (junior).  Also when names are passed through the family and poor organisation / filing means they are ‘strays’ it makes the job harder…

Photo scanning

I have started scanning photos from the family album and will add a selection to these pages when they are ready.

I may enhance the images slightly but  the majority of them will be scanned ‘as is’ creases, blemishes and all…

It will certainly keep me busy!