Organising documents

What a huge task!

I had no idea when I started how many copies and printouts I would accumulate… Also how to categorise them so that it is clear whether I have a transcript of a record or an actual copy of a record.

Also whether I have verified it from an original document…

I need a system!


Ancestors who have the same names are confusing!

It takes longer to check whether I have records for Lewis Poate (senior) or Lewis Poate (junior).  Also when names are passed through the family and poor organisation / filing means they are ‘strays’ it makes the job harder…

Photo scanning

I have started scanning photos from the family album and will add a selection to these pages when they are ready.

I may enhance the images slightly but  the majority of them will be scanned ‘as is’ creases, blemishes and all…

It will certainly keep me busy!