Thank you for visiting my Poate family history blog! 

I have been interested in my family history since my teens when I was lucky to be given some old photos.  I put them together in an album and then began to work out who the people were.

Me and my Mum started researching and using information given by family members (not all of this was correct!) to put together a picture of where people lived, what they did and how everyone was  related.

Sounds fairly logical but it is such a long and complex process!…

We have spent so much time in record offices, searching microfiche readers, BMD indexes and the IGI (as it used to be known) looking for leads.  We would find ‘Poates’ in the location we were interested in and then try to work out if they were ‘ours’.     Having an ‘unusual’ surname has helped me although even though the name is so short it is often misspelled or transcribed incorrectly.

The internet has made this process so much easier and computer software does make it easier to keep a record of ancestors and also keep track of who you have looked for and what source files or records you have searched.

I will keep adding information to this site so if you are interested in Poates or Baldwins just let me know.

I have added links to some sites that I have found useful on the Directory page.

Happy research!


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