Poate Family Tree

Poate Family Tree

Summary of my findings:

  • 1752 – Marriage of Thomas Poate and Martha Sturt in Easebourne, Sussex
  • 1766 – Birth of John Poate in Easebourne, Sussex
  • 1803 – Birth of Richard Poate in Midhurst, Sussex
  • 1833  - Marriage of Richard Poate and Rosetta Richards in Brighthelmston, Sussex
  • 1840 – Birth of Lewis Poate in Southwick, Sussex
  • 1864 Lewis Poate on vessel Julie Heyn, sailing between Adelaide & Sydney, Australia
  • 1869 – Marriage of Lewis Poate and Clara Coleman in St Mary Magdelene, St Pancras
  • 1872 – Birth of Lewis Poate in Whitstable, Kent
  • 1898 – Marriage of Lewis Poate and Emily Jane Byrne in St Mark’s, Walworth, Newington, London
  • 1898 – Birth of Frank Poate in 40 Steedman Street, Walworth Road, London (my Grandfather)
  • 1910 – Death of Lewis Poate in Thames Estuary

One thought on “Poate Family Tree

  1. Lewis Poate was my mother’s grandfather, as his youngest child, James was her father. I know about most of the people you mention and more, but not the Baldwins. Please do get in touch.

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